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Gillian LancasterWelcome to the site for the book I wrote recently. As I started creating some new ideas, I realized that many of the themes had first emerged in this book; discovering your passions, mindfulness, reflecting on where I’ve been and where I want to go.

I am a freelance graphic designer based in the greater Philadelphia area. This is my second career, I was originally trained as a classroom music teacher and taught in England before moving to the US in 1988. This means I love to organize, sing good choral music, take photographs, create books – and recently became a US citizen – alongside the nerdy pleasure I get from designing!

In addition to being a full service graphic designer, I offer help to those needing a website – or other design assistance – for their passion project as they approach or enter retirement called Wit and Wisdom of Age. As a completely separate project I offer art classes and the opportunity to travel and/or create at Travel and Create.

I am still fascinated by the processes of finding your passions and bringing them back into your life, and this aspect can be seen at Turning Passions into Purpose. I am convinced that uncovering your creativity is the best way of doing this, so am in the process of developing several sites where I help people break into being creative at 365 Days of Creativity, and showcase some of my own creative projects at Creative Gillian.

This site however is about the book I wrote that caused me to start out on all these journeys, and which I offer for your enjoyment and amusement.




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