Boomers by the numbers!

A recent study of single boomers found many very useful numbers about how 55+ single boomer women live. The study, commissioned by a home building company specializing in housing for different populations.

The first outcome was that women in the study want a healthier and more active lifestyle than they had in their child raising years. This is coupled with a strong sense of identity, positivity about life in the next few decades, and a strong sense of well being means that boomers are ready to move where they want to live.

With  over 75% of respondents reporting that they exercise several times each week – and not just in a gym – new housing needs to provide horseback riding, biking and hiking if it is to appeal. Some found it strange that single boomer females were taking such good care of themselves, but it seems that a generation that fought for the rights of others is not going to sit back and wait for others to advocate for them.

Not only are Boomer women feeling good about themselves, but they have the money to buy into a community or lifestyle that fits the lives they want. The International Council of Shopping Centers found that people 55+ control over three-quarters of America’s, so while some Boomers are still recovering from the stock market crash, the majority are still doing very well.

With this disposable income at hand, Boomers tend to outspend other generations by an estimated $400 billion each year on consumer goods & services. In addition 50% of travel dollars are spent by Boomers, so no wonder companies are eager to see what our demographic wants from life.

What is very clear is that Boomers, and especially Boomer women are not planning to sit down, knit, and quietly fade away. After a lifetime of work in and out of the home, we are ready to spend the next few decades making the most of ourselves and our lives. We will travel, try now things, take care of ourselves and push the envelope as far as we can. The numbers are on our side!