The Talents of Baby Boomers

While some parts of society are ready to write off Boomers as antiquated and irrelevant, but there are also those who appreciate the talents of Baby Boomers. They are willing to see beyond a wrinkle or two and acknowledge we may still have something to offer!

So what talents do Boomers bring to the table?

Self-reliance and confidence – we have lived long enough to know our minds and act accordingly.

Workaholic-ism– we’re sufficiently self-aware to know that we’re being expected to be slower or less productive, so we’re going to work harder than others to make sure those expectations are not met.

Dedication – we grew up with people who had worked for the same company for decades, so while we don’t expect gold watches, we are willing to stay the course.

Hierarchical expectations – we know where we stand in the pecking order and how hard we have worked to be there. We don’t appreciate other workers who have less traditional work ethics.

Leading and collaborating – we’ve been in many situations so we know how to get people to work together or collaborate on a project. We’ve had plenty of time to learn how to lead.

Adaptability – while it might be tempting to believe we are stuck in our ways, if we are still working, we’ve mastered a lot of new things and made huge changes over the years. As a result we are better able to adapt than you might imagine. We know that change can often be a positive force.

What do we expect in return?

Respect – even in a society where age is not regarded very highly, we Boomers like to be shown respect for our talents and what we achieve with them. We don’t need gold stars and lots of public acclaim, but we do appreciate a word of appreciation when we exceed your expectations.

So hiring a talented Baby Boomer may be a great move for your company. We bring hard won talents and people skills and expect remarkably little in return!